Native Plant vs Invasive Plants. Time to Talk Y’all


Carol Reese spent 4 decades as part of the academic community but says her most valuable education came from her farm girl roots and her nearly 70 years of gardening (yes, she started as a toddler!). During her career as a horticulture specialist for the University of Tennessee, she developed a teaching style that incorporates humor, storytelling, and science, leading to a reputation as an entertaining speaker that has resulted in numerous nationwide speaking engagements.

She produced copious articles for gardening magazines and newspapers that appealed to knowledgeable gardeners and to all who celebrate the beautiful intricacies of floral and faunal interactions out there in the real “real world”.  While not known to pull punches, her genuine love for nature shines through, along with her desire to unite all on the larger planetary problems of urbanization, loss of green space, pesticide overuse, resource abuse, pollution, and greed.

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What To Expect…

From 9 to 4 p.m. on an 18th-century farm.

Presentations to generate discussions include:

Historical Perspectives

Research Funding Controversies

What is native and to what era in planetary time?

Are cultivars leading to a loss of diversity or adding more of it?

Should we as gardeners discount our own observations or should we allow them to influence our search for truths?

What guides and funds scientific research?

How do we spot research bias and present it in terms anyone can understand?


Limited to 24 participants

Delicious farm lunch prepared by a chef

Farm, nursery, and garden & history tour

A day in a 1750 historic farmhouse

Beech Island, South Carolina. 

When you register, you’ll get further directions and details. 

The event is rain or shine. Any cancelation must be made by May 15.


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