Crinum ‘Claude Davis’


This plant has rich pink flowers on a slender, strong stem! It’s proven to be incredibly cold-hardy in places such as Washington, DC and the northern parts of Ohio. It also handles the cold of Missouri and up to 2,000 feet in West Virginia. Overall, this is the best cut-flower crinum for uniform, rich pink color, and its slender stems fit in any vase! Claude also makes an exceptional garden plant, holding flowers high and strong.

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Growing Conditions: It thrives in high, light shade to full sun. We have some reports of this being cold-hardy into the midwest.

Flowers: These flowers are a rich and warm pink which hold color even in full sun. They have a light, sweet fragrance.

Flowering Season: Flowers come in late May and June and reach a height of three feet on slender stems.

Leaves: The foliage can reach 30 inches in height but it makes a low mound.  Since the leaves can get rust spots in late summer, we always cut Claude back to the ground in August.

How To Plant:  Plant at a depth of eight to ten inches. If you want a larger mass, space three bulbs 30 inches apart in a triangle. This is a perfect plant to mix with things that look great later in summer.

Where To Plant: Foliage can be nestled into other plants such as blue salvia (see picture).  The low foliage makes it easy to mix in with daylilies. Try it with late flowering hibiscus or even big grasses like Maiden Grass. 

Our Bulbs: We ship ready-to-flower bulbs that have a circumference of eight inches or so. Claude offsets easily, so the bulbs quickly grow to have small pups emerging from the base.

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