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Crinum ‘Lolita’


‘Lolita’ is the most requested crinum during our open-house events and tours. This particular plant stands up tall and strong, reaching an above-average height of five feet. It flowers heavily around the end of May (in Zone 8) and continues blooming into July. (We’re shipping a few very large, softball-sized bulbs).

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Growing Conditions: We haven’t heard of ‘Lolita’ being grown north of Zone 7. Its parents suggest it may be cold tender.

Flowers: ‘Lolita’ stands up tall and strong, reaching a height of five feet. Flowers are a solid, rich pink with thickish petals. 

Flowering Season: It flowers heavily around the end of May (Zone 8) and continues into July.

Leaves: The foliage is glossy and neat. They’re big but not bossy or overbearing, and they make a mound that is less than three inches.

How To Plant: It needs full sun and normal garden soil with some drainage.

Where To Plant: ‘Lolita’ likes full sun to light shade. This is a statement plant; a single clump in front of a dark hedge becomes a sculpture.

Our Bulbs: This is a special and rare bulb. 

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1 review for Crinum ‘Lolita’

  1. Avatar

    Brian Cockrell (verified owner)

    This crinum is incredible! Give it room to sprawl it’s long, beautiful leaves. My first stalk of blooms is over four feet tall with beautiful fuchsia colored flowers.

    • Jenks Farmer

      Jenks Farmer

      When anyone sees it in person, they want it. I think the symmetry of it is attractive.

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