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Crinum ‘Seven Sisters’


This is a tough perennial with delicate flowers. This particular crinum also spreads easily, and the leaves are always emerald green. It’s also blessed with tall, thin flower petals on a very cold-hardy crinum lily.

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Growing Conditions: These flowers need full sun and dry to moist soil. They don’t need extra water but thrive at the edge of a pond.

Flowers: The petals have slight pink tints, and the plants grow to a height of three feet.

Flowering Season: Most flowers will bloom in spring, but summer rains will bring occasional flowers until frost.

Leaves: They are narrow and emerald green in color. Note that leaves are subject to growing spots or drying out.

How To Plant: Plant in the ground at a depth of about eight inches. These can tolerate being planted much deeper for cold protection as well.

Where To Plant: Mix into perennials such as Four O’clocks or with grasses. They are excellent to naturalize in wet meadows.

Our Bulbs: We ship mature bulbs for $22.

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