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Bradley is tidy and works well in containers or perennial gardens. Modern pink color and flowers that stand above the leaves make it favorite.  We have giant-size (about softball size bulbs).  Later in the summer, we’ll have smaller sizes.


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Bradley is a crinum for contemporary gardens. It works well in small spaces, containers and it has a bold, brilliant, modern pink color.

Growing Conditions: Full sun to light shade. Clay, sand or container mixes. Dry or irrigated garden soils (but not wet soil.) Tested cold hardy to Zone

Flowers: Wide open, dark pink sometimes called red, the color is uniform throughout the flower.  Stalks emerge to 3-4′ feet, well above the leaves.  Flowers emerge early to late July (in Zone 8)

Leaves: The leaves stay low and mounding so it’s great to mix in with other perennials or even use in containers. It has narrow, 3 inch wide, glossy leaves.

How To Plant: Bradley likes to grow more shallow than other crinum. Plant it just 8 inches deep.

Where To Plant: Because of its lovely spacing between foliage and the flower and its low mounding foliage, Bradley pairs well with blue salvia, caryopteris, and small grasses. For a mass, plant three bulbs about 18 inches apart — slowly, they cover a 3 foot by 3-foot section.

Our Bulbs: Our normal size bulbs are about the size of a tennis ball and ready to send up a flower.  Our giant size bulbs are grapefruit size and may give more flowers in the first year.

Bradley is an Australian selection and a favorite among garden designers.


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