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Crinum ‘White Queen’


‘White Queen’ flowers seduce with pure snow-white curls like something from a wedding cake! Mid to late May, they look great alone or with blue cornflowers, apricot antique roses, and the earliest of magnolia.

Very cold hardy, a gardener in Missouri says this is his favorite of several that he grows outside!.

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Draped with drama, White Queen flowers captivate us and photographs beautifully!

Growing Conditions: Full sun and regular garden soils.  We have one report from a gardener in Missouri that this was his favorite of several that he grows outside there (Zones 5b – 6a).

Flowers: There’s just something about the way they hang; the stalks reach 3.5 feet tall and the flowers dangle off them.   There’s something about the pure white and re-curving petals.  ‘White Queen’ gets attention and press.  In our Zone 8 farm, ‘White Queen’ flowers in mid to late May when spring is just winding down.  She’s a showstopper. 

Unlike some other crinum that repeat flower later,  the queen only makes one appearance; after this spring bonanza of flowers, she rests for the summer.

Leaves: A clump of leaves to over 5 feet! , White Queen does have a bit of a spread so leave plenty of room around her.  Don’t plant near a sidewalk!  She’ll sprawl out and cover it up! The leaves are a light, yellowish-green.

How To Plant: Plant 12 ” deep.

Where To Plant: Try ‘White Queen’  blue cornflowers, apricot antique roses, and magnolia – they will all bloom together and compliment each other beautifully!

Our Bulbs: Flowering size, healthy, thick bulbs with living roots.


Crinum 'White Queen' in flower on May 25, 2014

Crinum ‘White Queen’ in flower on May 25, 2014

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