Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo tall and sturdy!  Flowers April through mid-June.

These flowers are held very high, waving four to five feet above the leaves. Height makes a great crinum for mixing into perennial borders.

Use this crinum with Indigo Blue Salvia, Purple Butterfly Bush or a killer combination golden, tall Autumn Minaret Day Lily.


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Growing Conditions: Flamingo requires full sun. It is very cold tolerant. We have reports of its durability in Ohio and Missouri.

Flowers: Pink Flamingo’s flowers tower above its leaves. The flowers are slightly fragrant, big, and showy.

Flowering Season: These flowers are a beautiful shell-pink, and they bloom in May and June.

Leaves: The foliage is low and tightly growing, making a neat, manageable mound. 

How To Plant: It needs full sun and normal garden soil with some drainage.

Where To Plant: The foliage makes this crinum perfect for containers or interplanting with pale-yellow daylilies or blue salvia.

Our Bulbs: This is a special and rare bulb. We ship our normal, tennis-ball-sized bulbs.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in
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