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Crinum x digwedii ‘American Maid’


Half native!  Like one of her parents, (Crinum amercianum) American Maid runs a bit and makes a low spreading mass.

Fragrant flowers  in the heat of mid August and  again  in the fall.

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American Maid is a new hybrid and we’re one of the few nurseries that offers this small lily.

Growing Conditions: Full sun to light shade. Clay, sand or container mixes. Various garden soils and can take wet soil. Its winter hardiness is unknown but it might be tender.

Flowers: Dramatic white flowers with a pink stripe bloom mid August in the heat of summer and then again in the fall after heavy rains.

Leaves: Like one of her parents, Crinum amercianum, American Maid (half native?) runs a bit and makes a low spreading mass.

How To Plant: American Maid likes to grow more shallow than other crinums. Plant it just 5 inches deep.

Where To Plant: Ours work well with Mexican Petunia, where you hardly notice them until they flower. Fine in regular garden soil but thrives in wet areas too!

Our Bulbs: This is a smallish bulb that never gets big so we ship a small, flowering size bulb (about lemon size).

This Crinum is native to North America…sort of! It has C. americanum, North America’s native crinum, as a parent.





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