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Your contributions, in increments of $12.00 per class, ensure our ability to continue to inform and educate those interested in our products and farming practices.  Thank You!

4 reviews for Learn, Participate & Support

  1. Bob Waites

    Good first session. The quality of the picture and sound was excellent. Interesting information. Would there be a way to share your “notes” in this learn, participate & support link?

  2. Will

    The Saturday morning get-togethers/classes get better and better. They’re specific topics, focussed, and run about 50 minutes to a half hour. An hour wouldn’t be too long! The crew does an amazing job of getting the posted questions to Jenks in real time, so often you can get an answer right there on air! But I find that Jenks’s presentations get me thinking, and a rash of questions always pops into my mind that i couldn’t possibly type them all into the comments, much less have Jenks answer them. So I’ve begun – after learning from all these classes I’ve been watching each week – to make a note of my questions, doing my research online afterward to get most of them answered . . . and then, when I really need to get a particularly challenging Q answered, I go ahead and bother the incredibly busy Jenks with an emailed question. Always a great answer. Love the classes!

    • Jenks Farmer

      Thanks Will! We love our get togethers!

  3. Bettye Hicks

    Every week I learn something new and valuable to consider and make a part of my gardening experience. I really enjoy Jenk’s stories and being able “to be at the farm” every Saturday morning!

  4. Tracie Broom

    Jenks and his team give wonderful classes! I’m such a huge fan.

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