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Tulipa ‘Big Smile’


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Tulips  like long cool springs. The kind of springs that happen in Holland, Seattle and even sort of, in Asheville. For most Southerners, we get a day or two followed by a day of furnace heat, then maybe a freak snow on April Fools Day.  Some tulips do better than others with this fickle weather. 

Big Smile has proven a pretty good bet.  Huge yellow flowers held on nice stalks make this one good for pots or garden. Be warned, in most the deep South, tulips are a one year happy display.  And they are toxic to cats — so if you are forcing or doing pots for inside, don’t have cats.  

This one also makes a great cut flower.  Remember, the later you plant, the later the flowers.  The photo is a garden I planted in November, in full flower on March 18.  

25 bulbs

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