Jenks Farmer Sage; Salvia x ‘Newe Yaar’ 2 per order


This is a culinary sage for hot and humid climates! With stunning masses of lilac-blue flowers in spring and elegant silver leaves, this plant is sold all over the Low Country as Salvia ‘Jenks Farmer’. However, the proper name is Salvia x ‘ Newe Yaar’ (named for an Israeli plant breeding station).  2 plants per order

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Growing Conditions: This plant requires both full sun and good drainage. It doesn’t like to be crowded.
Flowers:  It blooms with masses of lilac-blue, lightly fragrant flowers in mid-spring. The masses of flowers differentiate this from Salvia officinalis. I like to prune it lightly in late spring after flowering.
Flowering Season: This plant begins blooming in mid-spring.
Leaves: It has stunning silver foliage like a regular culinary sage, but it is a bit bigger and thinner and has long internodes and silver stems. Unlike other silver sages, this one will thrive in our humidity.
How To Plant: Be sure to put in an area with good drainage. Please give it plenty of room to spread.
Where To Plant: It grows best in full sunlight with hot, dry soil. It loves to spread itself out over gravel or sidewalks. Like other sages, this sage lives only three to four years in our climate.
Our Plants: We ship 4-inch, well-rooted plants.
History: Developed in Israel for commercial production, this plant was passed on from Madaline Hill of Texas to Linda Askey of Alabama then to Jenks. He then worked to distribute it for its unique ornamental charms. Nancy Hart, owner of the influential Church Creek Nursery, added Jenks’s name to help it sell in the Charleston area. And the name stuck.

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