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Pat, Jenks, Bob Fuller, Jim Porter, Rhett Anders

25 Years Ago Riverbanks Botanical Garden Opened — I Was Mad in the Photo!

Which mean 27 years ago, I left my adopted home of Seattle to move back to Columbia, South Carolina.  It was culture shock to be sure!  Columbia was still pretty much a small town with a lot of Bible Belt ways.  An amazing group of people established a vision, political support to establish a new… Read More

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Birthing Botanical Gardens

Stories, slides, trials and tribulations of starting new botanical gardens from the ground up!   Based on my experiences leading teams to establish the two largest gardens in South Carolina, over the past 25 years.  I’ll discuss the fun, physical, seeds and bulbs sort of stuff as well as the more philosophical aspects of establishing a mission, a look and plant collections that endure.   (time and date may change)

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