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The Greatest Show

Silver haired and with a brand new knee, Momma peers into a draped diorama of shrunken heads, leaning in to listen to a much pierced young man, with gauge opening in ears big enough you could pass a cup cake through, a handlebar mustache and a Baltimore accent — which is oddly akin to our… Read More

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Hay Bales to Flower Fields

How our little farm has transitioned over the decades.  And how that is a reflection of what people want in their own back yards….and what society wants and needs.


I know it sounds deep and boring. But really it will be a bunch of great stories including donkeys, grandmothers, interns and lessons about soil and flowers!

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Cool Gardens and Landscape Design in the South

How do we push beyond the rich history of gardens in South Carolina to make beautiful modern spaces that still capture our unique climate?

Jenks Farmer has designed gardens like Riverbanks as well as crazy modernistic gardens, children’s gardens, farms and even natural meadows.  His own garden is an enhanced farm, right outside of Aiken.

Join Jenks for a slide show and stories of the coolest new gardens in the South.  The thing that ties all of his gardens together is that they capture a sense of place, they respect our earth and dirt and they make for more healthy people, animals, plants, mushrooms and of course flowers.

We’ll also discuss some of the current environmental and ethical issue of gardening and you’ll be able to sign up for a spring tour of the Jenks’ farm.

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Making Art with Garden Trash

My grandfather painted.  My father made furniture.  I make gardens.  Three generations of artists, and we have a lot in common.  Including waste. The waste of artists always has fascinated me: uniform ends of wood, those squeezed tubes of oil paint, discarded drawings, even sawdust. The waste from gardens enthralls me. It’s fuzzy.  The distinction… Read More

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Larkspur & the Old Chicken House (now packing shed)

5 Favorite Flowers to Seed-In Now for Spring Flowers

As with fall leaf veggies, seeding in spring annuals, now, gives you green ground cover and texture over winter; then flowers come in the spring time.  There’s just no better value; in Deep Rooted Wisdom, I tell the story of a mentor who bought a pack of red poppy seeds in 1959 and still has… Read More

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