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Io moth caterpillar on Crinum Pink Flamingo

Flowers That Look Best at Night. Yep, There’s a Word for That….

At night, our lily fields buzz with moths.  The crinum lilies invite them. Around dusk, the flowers inflate.  And they release fragrances.  They are perfect cocktail party plants; crinum lilies in their shape, colors and this nocturnal awakening are called sphingophilous flowers. That’s a great word isn’t it? Happy and kind of silly, intimidating at… Read More

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Open Source vs. Proprietary Plants — Can People “Own” Plants?

Yes, they can, they do and they want to own even more.   You can, but it’s complex and expensive.  So mostly the people who own plants are huge agricultural companies. They control the plant– you’ve heard about this with genetic modification no doubt, but it sure happens in the flower world, too.  It used to… Read More

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People Who Show Us The World

In 1938 Buzzy’s second grade teacher made his class listen to Wagner and walk through gardens of neighborhood ladies and gentlemen.   Some of the boys sneered.  Buzzy, always sensitive , pretty much shocked me when he said, “Once or twice, on the playground, I found the boys who laughed and interrupted and  I, (he whispers… Read More

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Bare Root Pecan

Thanks for Planting Pecan Trees

Dusk and a light rain.  I’m on Sunday rounds, checking out weekend work; what got planted, moved, nailed, or tuned-up over the weekend of work.  Someone left a beer in the cooler; still cold enough so I’ll sit and observe from a chair and indulge in a breakfast porter. Under my feet, protein. Tasty protein… Read More

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