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Thanks for Planting Pecan Trees

Dusk and a light rain.  I’m on Sunday rounds, checking out weekend work; what got planted, moved, nailed, or tuned-up over the weekend of work.  Someone left a beer in the cooler; still cold enough so I’ll sit and observe from a chair and indulge in a breakfast porter.

Under my feet, protein. Tasty protein in the from of pecans. It’s amazing to me; like manna fallen from above.  Nuts, beer, mist and a silent thanks to the unknown people who planted these trees.

Thanks to whomever had the vision, 75 years ago to plant these ‘Stuart’ pecan Trees. These nuts slow the progress of any walk this time of year;  I can’t take two steps without stopping to pickup nuts to crack.  Then to pick up a sweatshirt somebody left on the fence.   Pecans again, then a dozen steps away, a flannel shirt and a khaki long sleeve shirt.   Strewn cloths mean lots of fellas were working hard over the weekend.  Here’s a little jacket in the crotch of a pecan tree.

These trees have been dropping tasty protein for 70 years.  It’s not too late for us to do the same for the next generation. We have time to plant more pecan trees and possibly taste the nuts from them.  Small pecan trees will produce a crop in about a dozen years. No matter though if we get to eat from the trees we plant, Definitely, we have time to enjoy a vision, a story of all those who might eat, climb, have a beer under or lean back onto a massive gray trunk for a long kiss.  And maybe they’ll wonder about us, wonder who had the vision to plant a pecan tree all those years ago.

A Little Practical Advice for Planting New Pecan Trees

Ten years ago, I planted an orchard of bare root, 3-foot tall trees on a farm where I’d done the master plan and created a 30 acre botanical garden.  Today that garden is a full fledged non-profit and those trees are already 20 feet tall. I’ve researched pecans for yards and home orchards, I’m planting  Pawnee, Podsednik and Hopi.  I’ve used Womack nursery. 

Remember this: you get the best crops with two different varieties of pecans.  You need one that flowers early and one that flowers late;  a great combo that I’ve used on the farm is ‘Sumner’ and ‘Jackson’.Bare Root Pecan

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    Will November 16, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    Well, you know how close to my heart this is; pecans are central to my cooking and one of my favorite things to eat. They grow into magnificent trees – stately, grand, spreading beauties – although they can be quite messy with limbs and branch tips nipped off by winds or by twig girdling insects. The wood itself makes for a gorgeous piece of furniture.
    So – do you expect you could harvest nuts from the varieties you’ve planted before you’re 64?

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