Things Still Made From Plants…

Not so long ago plants were our tool cabinet, medicine cabinet, pantry, clothing and art. Industry slowly changed that. And today ladies tell me about making dolls from holly hock flowers. And a few of my buddies remember using magnolia cones to play war — those cones are perfect grenades.

You might make a cocktail with mint leaves or face mask with some lavender. But even a lot of wooden furniture isn’t really wood anymore.

Keep your eyes open, not only are there some plant things left, but you can see difference in the quality of the products based on the quality of the plant. What do you see? Paper? You can sure see difference in the tree grain between fine paper and coarse paper.

Tooth picks? Chopsticks? What else do you see in your life that’s still a plant?

The broom on the left is a cheap dollar general broom. The Lion’s Club broom made from better straw is much more effective at it’s job!

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