Tiny Passion for Passiflora lutea

Tiny lime green flowers on this slender, summer growing perennial vine make me smile.

Sure it’s kind of weedy. It scrambles over shrubs and comes everywhere around here. But it’s a lovely olive green leaf with silver mottling.  And it has a strong root system.  I don’t know how you’d get rid of it if you wanted to. So we may as well love it as part of the garden.

In spring, chartreuse linguini stems emerge. In May, sweet flowers and purple black fruits the size of pencil erasures. Apparently edible but they sure don’t taste good and you’d spend a lot of energy gathering enough for a snack.

I just picked some stems today and laid them on the surface of the little pond for this photo.

I picked a few Passiflora lutea stems and laid them on the water surface.

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