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Carolina Gems

Today’s plan got canceled by the cold. And by the desire to do something fun like getting a new wash station set up in the nursery— Jacob and I dug trench and secured a sink.

We were supposed to work with this beautiful plant, ‘Carolina Ruby’  Yaupon. Tomorrow maybe, we’ll dig holes to ready some to tree size so I can specify them in garden designs. As far as I know, they’re not available in tree form.

‘Carolina Ruby’ is a heavy fruiting, very tight growing yaupon. I think it will make a great tree that’s very tight, very tidy, very small. Ted Stephens from Nurseries Caroliniana in North Augusta, South Carolina, selected this one.SONY DSC

It’s also on my list of tough plants for year round interest that do well in containers. That presentation is coming up next week at SC Nursery Tradeshow. It’s winter— great for ‘Carolina Ruby’ but maybe not for playing in Myrtle Beach so if you can’t go, you can download the plantlist from my presentation under the ‘Shop’ tab, look for ‘Download Articles’ in the menu.

All this web page stuff is changing soon and we’ll have more downloads, more free articles, handouts and easier navigation. You might think that sort of stuff is good indoor, winter work.  But for me, Jacob and the old hound, nothing beats soaking up that winter sunshine, that Carolina amber, even if we have to dig a trench to do it.


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