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Cover Up for Cheesy 70’s Brick Wall


Weeping Redbud cascading over brick wall. Click to enlarge the picture.

When we started, being in the courtyard was like being on the bottom of a swimming pool– with dated sort of blond red bricks and no ladders to allow you to get out.

We decided to make a wall of weeping plants– just a few.  The garden above is so diverse, we wanted to wall to be covered with a uniform foliage.   We planted three different weeping plants and weighted them with lead fish weights tied with fishing line. IMG_6544 The weeping shrubs are:

Cercis ‘Traveler’

Rostrinucula depends

Taxodium ‘Summer Cascade’

And to connect the patio and formerly inaccessable garden, we added a spiral staircase which people love to climb and acts as a focal point!IMG_6547


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