Crinum List for AZH

C. x eboracii in graveyard

C. x herbertii (Tulsa Collection) in field.  Milk and Wine Lily

Crinum ‘Bradley’

C. species in Madagascar swamp

C. Bradley close up & in meadow

C. procerum

C. asiaticum

C. ‘Queen Emma’ purple leaf with Tom, in container & wrapped for winter.


C. bulbispermum seed

C. americanum seed floating

INDIA  C. malibaricum

THAILAND C. asiaticum

LAOS C. unknown

BURMA C. asiaticum

NICARAGUA C. x herbertii & C. asiaticum

US C. americanum, C. erubescens, C. oliganthum

C. x baconnii (colonizing hybrids of C. americanum)

AFRICA  C. macowanii

C. bulbispermum the most cold hardy

C. bulispermum ‘Aurora Glorialis’

MADAGASCAR  unknown species

C. Bradley on green roof

C. calimistratum in aquarium trade

C. jagus

C ‘Mo’Pon’ in pond

C. bulispermum, C erubescens C. asiaticum in biofilter pool


C. x herbertii


C. bulbispermum with bee

C. ‘Jubilee’ with moth

C. ‘Cecil Houdyshell’ in field

C. ‘Pink Flamingo’ by hay bale


Crinum Tea Cocktail

Muddle ginger with orange peel in glass.

Add bourbon & a splash of limoncello

Top with Crinum Tea and Blenheims ginger ale (the hot one with the pink cap)

Add some cute little orange peel curls if you want to make it pintresting.


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