Just a Few Pics from the Day

[Not a valid template] Some days, I’m just too tired to write.  The morning started with driving, helping out the tree crew who’s working on the tree/hedge line of the pasture and getting fruit trees set up for a fire sale this weekend.  Isaac made that look spiffy while Knox bush-hogged.

Fire wood cutting, bulb order digging, wood chip spreading and weeding, weeding, weeding.   Mid-afternoon, and finally, a rain; then a little coffee sipping and web surfing.  Isaac jumped on a museum garden design project, Knox on securing mushroom spawn and Jordan on organizing a barn full of decades old paint.  What the hell do we do with that stuff?

13 hours.  An orange sunset with rain still pouring– when we were kids, we said, “the devils beating his wife with pots and pans” when it rained and shined at the same time.   I took a few pics and those became blog for friends who love to see the place.  And somehow via the web; later, this is going to be for new friends in Ohio– we’re headed up soon to Bowling Green and Simpson Garden for a series of presentations.  We even get to spend a few hours at the Ohio State landscape department and the very cool 557 Foundation near Toledo.  So Ohioans, check out the pics so you get where I’m coming from, where the giant crinum bulbs we’ll bring grew up, and where, if you’re sweet, you’ll get to visit with us one day.


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