Gardening as Art.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for a subscription, paper only magazine last year.   The whole thing addressed in personal terms how gardening is art.   This is a more succinct side bar….

It Is Art

I can only speak for me. Garden design is sometimes industry, sometimes hobby, sometimes art. I engage in it in all of those ways. But mostly, I do it with the intention to show other people what I see— the joyful, gritty, sexual energy of plants, water, bugs, mud and mushroom and the complete picture that is in my head when I start out on a project. Sometimes, I make things quickly, like a trellis made of old vines and dry sticks. Sometimes, I make things that take planning and coaxing and years of that nurturing, helping them grow to become the intended ‘picture.’ Either way, my body and the other things that come out of the earth become paints and brushes, my way indulgence, of speaking and channeling what she let me see.


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