How to Send A Crinum Gift Pack

Jenks with a freshly dug, ready to ship crinum bulb.

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Who wants to get one of these things ?

  1. People who appreciate a raw, just out of the ground, natural wonders (tarted up with some fancy paper and a letter press card)
  2. Special people love being challenged, who love history, geography and cultural connections.
  3. People who are just starting out in yard and homes.
  4. People who want to do cool projects and build connections with their children. Or parents. Or…..

Who can grow Crinum lilies?

  1. People in the north east, mid west, west and south US can grow them as a ground plant — WITH PROPER SELECTION.
  2. People anywhere can grow them as a container plant.
  3. If you don’t know which your people should receive, then choose Jenks’ Choice when you order your gift. We’ll make sure they get the right plant at the right time.

What do they get in the Gift Pack ? When should they plant?

  1. People in warm zones, get a bulb, card and booklet now.  They should plant when the bulb arrives before January.
  2. People in cold zones, get a lovely letter press card, with your note, a promise card which tells them their gift will arrive in April.

How do I choose which to send ? 

  1. The easy way is to  choose Jenks’ Choice in the drop down gift menu.  We’ll pick the right bulb for your gift. Otherwise, choose by these priorities:
  2. Cold hardiness.  In this order
    1. Aurora is most cold hardy proven in Indiana, Kansas and Connecticut.
    2. Cecil is proven in Pittsburgh.
    3. Ellen is proven in Washington DC but is the least cold hardy, the least tough of our gift bulb options.
  3. Flower — would your friend like solid pink or stripes or deep pink?

If you think your friend will have more questions than are answered in our booklet, you can include a copy of Gardening with Crinum Lilies.   Or direct them to our Youtube channel — Tell them to google Crinum Farmer Youtube.


In the green zone, plant anytime of year. In the blue zone, plant when soil is warm.


  1. Lynne Mabry on October 27, 2018 at 9:35 am

    Having trouble ordering Christmas gift for a neighbor

    • Hunter Desportes on October 28, 2018 at 10:44 am

      Sorry you are having problems with your order. Can you give us any additional details to better help us understand the problem?

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