Blood Lily


A huge starburst of blood red in July!  Loves shade or sun!  Handsome leaves through late summer and fall. Perennial in Zone 8b.  Or makes a great pot plant.  4 dry bulbs per order.  Ships in March & April for spring planting. Expect flowers in July. Note — they can be slow to flower!  Don’t worry, if come July, you still don’t see anything! This is a bulb for the hottest of days.

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Growing Conditions: Thrives in shade or sun. 

Flower: Exotic red flowers with yellow tips. They’re kind of like fireworks and they flower around July 4th. (Note, in many southern gardens, blood lily flowers diminish over the years.)

Leaves: Impressive, wide leaves look almost like hosta leaves on a stalk.   Leaves are about 15 inches tall, lush and thick, and impressive in the shade garden even when the plant isn’t in flower.

How to plant: The bulbs thrive mixed in other ground covers.   I have a nice planting mixed into silver Lamium.

Where to plant: Zone 8! Columbia, Aiken, Augusta, and South!  Plant in shade among very low-growing plants.  You want to see the form, the stem, and the structure of this plant.  Or plant in a pot and keep this as a winter dormant container plant. Note that sometimes these diminish with time so plan to plant a few every other year or so. 

Our Bulbs: We ship 3  mature bulbs per order.


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