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Crinum erubescens (closely related to C. americanum)

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This crinum loves shade and wet gardens, but it will grow anywhere. The flowers are beautiful, but be aware that there are a lot more leaves than flowers. Note that we use scientific naming based on the Tropicos plant database.

It works great as a shade and groundcover crinum. As an old friend used to say, “It runs like a black snake!”

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Growing Conditions: This plant loves shade and wet gardens. It’s very hardy through Zone 7.

Flowers: Long, thin petals emerge on slender scapes, and they never reach a height greater than two feet. This plant can be shy to flower, especially in dry beds.

Flowering Season: This plant flowers sporadically all summer, from May through the fall (in Zone 8). In colder zones, blooming begins later. Plants bloom earlier in warmer zones.

Leaves: Foliage grows to a length of 18 inches and has a little burgundy coloration towards the bottom of the leaf. The leaves are very narrow with a width of only one-and-a-half inches.

How To Plant: It’s great in bogs and ponds. Be warned: it will run, and it’s tough to get rid of once it’s established.

Where To Plant: It’s a great groundcover crinum for shade. This tough plant will grow just about anywhere. 

Our Bulbs: These are small bulbs at maturity. We ship a well rooted, ready to spread bulb.

Here’s a little video:


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