Easy Order — Crinum Lily Gift Pack


This Christmas, we’re shipping red and white striped Milk and Wine Lily gifts.  We ship gifts now, in the South. Or we’ll send a handsome card and promise not to people in colder places. 

Our lilies thrive in any climate from the deep South, through Maryland, along the coast into Connecticut, through Tennessee, Missouri and California.


  • handsome crinum bulb ready to plant
  • handwritten note you’ve composed, elegant cards and
  • booklets with instruction and dreamy pictures.


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Optional Note to Gift Recipient

A personalized note delivered to the gift recipient.


In each gift pack, your recipient will receive:

  • One giant, bare root bulb
  • Planting suggestions, how-to and stories in color brochure;
  • One personalized, handwritten note that you’ve composed. On a letter press card.

Each item is beautifully wrapped, packed, and sent via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping Notes!   We ship old-school.  We take all packages to the tiny, local Post Office.

We are presently unable to send tracking information.  After you order, we’ll dig, prep and send your bulb.

If there is any shipping issue, please call  or email as soon as possible. Please check in with your friend. We are diligent with gifts and notes but we have no way to know if a gift doesn’t arrive!

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in


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