Crinum ‘Fragrant Lady’


Killer flower color.  Love this one planted in front of asparagus! With parents like this, she must be really cold-hardy!

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Growing Conditions: Full sun but it can use just a little shade especially in climates warmer than Zone 8.

Flowers: Primarily white but with subtle pink flush to the petals.

Flowering Season: Early June (Zone 8).

Leaves: This plant makes elegantly curved, low mounds. Leaves are light green with a slight glaucus sheen. They are handsome all season.

How To Plant: To make a mass, plant three bulbs 18 inches apart. This cultivar multiplies well.

Where To Plant: In a sunny garden, near the front of a planting.  Make sure it’s 18 inches back from a walkway or the leaves will spill onto the walk. Makes an excellent container plant.

Our Bulbs: We ship a flowering-sized bulb. Be aware that these are slightly smaller than some of our bigger crinums. They just are, it’s never a giant growing bulb.


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