Crinum ‘Lorraine Clark’


The flowers of ‘Lorraine Clark’ are easily the reddest of all the red crinum lilies. You will see lots of pictures of it with white streaks in the flowers, but, in my experience, those are anomalies. If you’re trying to decide which red to add to your garden, choose between this and ‘Ellen’. Good-looking leaves make this a favorite among horticulturists.

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Growing Conditions: The parents of ‘Lorraine Clark’ include some tropical and tender species, so she’s not a great candidate for cold hardiness.

Flowers: The scapes of these flowers grow to a height of four feet. Though this crinum is almost black as a bud, it blooms to have a rich, lusty fragrance and occasional white streaks in the petals. The good-looking leaves make this a favorite among horticulturists. 

Flowering Season: It flowers in late June into earlier July in our Zone-8 lily fields.

Leaves: ‘Lorraine Clark’ has lush, thick leaves and makes a clump of four inches.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of 12 inches or more. Note that the colder your zone, the deeper you should plant.

Where To Plant: Since she’s such a big plant, you should use ‘Lorraine Clark’ to really beef up a ‘tropicalismo’ planting of bananas, purple heart, and other bold plants.

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