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Crinum ‘Red Flare’


Broad petals. One of the biggest flowers of our red and white digweedii types. Pure white with a deep red stripe.  Lovely fragrance.  Makes a spreading groundcover for wettish areas. Leaves to 28 ” tall, narrow. This is the group of crinum developed at “Downton Abbey” (read their history here)

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Growing Conditions: Full sun, lots of water. Loves to grow in a ditch.

Flower: Elegant, curved petals with a deep red stripe.  Of this type, Red Flare’s flowers open wider and bigger than any other. Lovely fragrance. A beautiful cut flower for a small vase. Flowers in August.

Flowering Season: Flowering begins after heavy rains from August until October.

Leaves: This is a little plant that spreads easily. Narrow leaves only get about 24 inches, and it makes an excellent groundcover.

How To Plant: The bulbs are small, so this is a shallow growing crinum lily. Plant it about six inches in the ground.

Where To Plant:  It’s a great ditch plant, marsh, or pond-side plant.

Our Bulbs: We dig and ship mature, golf-ball-sized bulbs with living roots and leaves cut back.

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