Crinum jagus scilifolium


Tons of drama from little bulbs!   Big, fragrant, glowing flowers emerge from narrow leaves and golf-ball-sized bulbs.  An unexpected treat in June, perfect for small containers.  Or mix in with groundcovers near a patio — anywhere you’ll be outside in the evening. The flowers are most beautiful and fragrant from twilight through the morning so enjoy it as a centerpiece, a conversation bulb.  

Rarely offered, this little show stopper hails from West Africa. It’s been used there as a malaria cure and recent research confirms that chemicals in the bulbs can be extracted to help quell convulsions.

In the wild, it grows in seasonally wet places. But we grow it in dry ground a long walkway where we can appreciate it’s once a summer big flowers that smell of vanilla. 

We ship flowering size bulbs that are about the size of a golf ball.


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