Crinum ‘Spring Joy’


Non-stop flowers bloom from early spring and continue into the summer. ‘Spring Joy’ is elegantly tall and strong, as well.

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Growing Conditions: This plant’s lighting needs range from full sun to very light shade in warmer climates.

Flowers: They’re pale pink, almost white trumpets. The flowers are held tall and pretty above the leaves. This plant also has distinctive, wavy petals.

Flowering Season: It flowers heavily from the end of April to the middle of June (in Zone 8).

Leaves: The foliage is muted green and neat, making a mound shorter than three inches.

How To Plant: It needs full sun and normal garden soil with some drainage.

Where To Plant: ‘Spring Joy’ needs a place with full sun to light shade. This is a statement plant; a single clump in front of a dark hedge becomes a sculpture. This is a hybrid of one of my mentors (with whom I have traded many letters but have never met) Les Hannibal.

Our Bulbs: We ship our normal-sized bulbs which are about the size of a tennis ball.

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