Liriope ‘PeeDee Ingot’ Gold Monkey Grass

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In full sun, she’s a screaming gold eye-catcher. In part-shade, a soft golden glow. In a container, a year-round spiller that contrasts beautifully with other plants. 

PeeDee Gold’s versatility has made it a standard part of our garden design for years.  

Try it in a pot with purple pansies or purple leaf mustard. Plant a mass near hosta for year-round color.  And of course, we love them with small crinum such as Bradley.  

We finally have enough to share. Our fully rooted pots look great — but cut them back in winter and you’ll enjoy all the gold all season long and purple flowers in late summer.

Besides being a versatile plant, PeeDee Ingot has a place in South Carolina’s horticultural history. Plantswoman Ursula Hertz, quietly gardens in the PeeDee.  She made heat-tolerant selections of hosta but this is her claim to international fame — she shared this gold liriope years ago and it’s since made its way around the world. 

NOTE   These are overly full, very healthy plants.  But it is the end of their season, so you may want to groom or completely cut them back for winter. Most winters, in zone 8, you do not need to cut back. 

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