Day Lily ‘Autumn Minaret’


A stunning, golden day lily that grows to a height of five feet. It looks surprisingly elegant as a combination with burgundy crinum lilies such as ‘Bradley’. And it’s brilliant with red Texas Star Hibiscus.

This is an old (1950s) day lily. It’s a bit “out of style” in day lily terms, which means it is rarely available.

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Growing Conditions: This plant needs both full sun and normal garden soil. This old hybrid is tough.

Flowers: They grow on stalks that measure on average 66 inches in height. Each stem yields dozens of golden trumpets.

Flowering Season: Autumn Minaret blooms late for daylilies, though not quite – as their name implies – in autumn. We normally see blooms in late July in Zone 8.

Leaves: These leaves are slender and have a length of 18 inches. They grow from late March until mid-November (Zone 8).

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of four to five inches. Be sure to spread out the tubers and roots so they’re flat.

Where To Plant: Autumn Minaret looks fabulous when mixed with rich pink and burgundy crinums such as Ellen B or anything purple.

Our Bulbs: We ship large clumps as pictured. This plant spreads well and is easy to divide after one summer.

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