Pink Rain Lily


This variety is the rare Pink Beauty!  It is a beauty, smaller, cuter, more upward facing than most. It’s a rich, deep pink. Other venders sell this for $16 per bulb!  But that’s crazy. Mixed in, you’ll get a gold flower every in a while too.   We ship ten dry bulbs per order. 

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This joyful little lily will shoot up pink faces in a matter of days after planting.

Growing Conditions: 

Flowers: Eight-inch tall flowers which, like the leaves, bloom suddenly and then go away as quickly. Flowers usually come up about ten days after you plant the bulbs. Bulbs that have been in the ground for years usually flower in July.

Leaves: thin glossy leaves grow straight out of the ground as if from nowhere. Though the leaves and flowers die back to nothing, these beauties are perennial and multiply. 

How To Plant: Plant in regular garden soil. Full sun is best. 

Where To Plant: Mix them into the edge of a bed or a tiny ground cover.  Or just plant a little pot for a table or gift. I often squeeze the little bulbs into cracks in walkways or plant them directly in gravel walks for a sweet surprise.

Our Bulbs: We sell 10  bulbs. Though they are tiny, these are flowering-size bulbs.   


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