Purple Jade Vine


Big, 3-lobed leaves are tissue-thin. Though stems climb to 20 feet, they remain thin, making a lovely canopy. We train this vine on nylon strings over our deck. It dies to the ground every winter but, by mid-March, grows vigorously. It’s a big vine but not a heavy vine – it doesn’t need a massive support structure, just an expansive one.

PRE-ORDER – SHIPS EARLY JULY.  Young plants are fragile in pots and shipping, but they love heat and will take off. The first season, you really want to encourage them to make a great root mass. Completely cold hardy in Zone 8.


Even if you don’t want one, read about it below and check out our Youtube video.

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Mucuna cyclocarpa

Sure, it’s all about the flowers.  Huge flower clusters I can barely cup in two hands, dangle from the stems.  They look like something from the tropics or Avatar, with a satin sheen.  Touch them and they even feel fake; thick and rubbery petals.

But this is an amazing perennial vine that simply grows like hell.  Need to screen out a neighbor? On a big fence, it makes a beautiful, solid green backdrop by June. Put it on an overhead arbor and flower clusters will dangle like grape bunches.

Purple jade vine. The colors of the flowers and the foliage.

The leaves are definitely like others in the bean family with their three lobes.  But the terminal leaflet has a  heart-shaped base.

It needs full sun.  Ours grow in white, dry sand with little irrigation. The huge, sweet potato-like root mush holds a lot of water — the vine never ever wilts or shows any heat stress.

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