Rose Parade Bundle of Bulbs


This is a bundle of 6 smaller bulbs that need a year or two to grow to flower. A bundle is a great way to plant a larger area for the same price if you’re planning for long term!

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Growing Conditions: This plant grows in normal garden soil and in areas that flood frequently. I’ve grown it with bog plants like Alligator Flag and also in the baking-hot parking lot of the Florence Museum.

Flowers: A very modern pink! Eye-catching from a distance, we’re proud of a big planting of this in the Florence Museum parking lot. This plant reaches heights over four feet. Tall, thick stems hold flowers upright – even in storms. This makes for a killer single-stem flower arrangement.

Flowering Season: Mid-July in Zone 8. Blooming begins later in colder zones and earlier in warmer zones.

Leaves: Unlike other sub-tropical perennials, crinum leaves look great through late fall. Rose Parade’s leaves can reach a width of six inches.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of eight to ten inches and three to four feet apart.

Where To Plant: Get the tropicismo-look with canna, purple heart, or soft Mexican bamboo for dramatic contrast with bold Rose Parade. You could also make this plant a focal point – a clump alone in front of a dark hedge is a sculpture.

Our Bulbs: This bundle includes 6 small bulbs that will flower in a year or two.

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