Tree Frog Palm Grass?


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You never have to water this surprisingly soft evergreen that looks sort of like grass and sort of like a little yucca or palm!

Olive green leaves arch out to 3′ feet. In mid-summer, head-high flower scapes topped with insect-attracting, mauve flowers.

This makes quite a specimen that looks sort of foreboding. But its spiny leaves are surprisingly soft. For some reason, tree frogs love to hunker down in the leaves!

Since it has no great common name, we call this Tree Frog Palm. It’s actually Eryngium pandanifolium sometimes called Giant Sea Holly which makes no more sense than tree frog palm grass.

Excellent in a dry place but tolerant flooding and saltwater.  Deer resistant. We ship big one-gallon plants bare root and ready to plant in ground of pot.

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