Curcuma ‘Pink Wonder’


Tropical looking leaves all summer.  Stunning flowers! Great perennial hardy to well below freezing! This one will be with you for decades and is easy to dig and share.

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Tough perennial for shade.  Bold, tropical texture.  This perennial spreads easily and the leaves are emerald green with a reddish center.

Growing Conditions: Full shade.  Dry to moist soil.  Great in containers too. Will take a few hours of sun.

Flowers: Brilliant pink, tropical flowers in summer.   Flowers are about 2 feet tall but often hidden among the leaves.

Leaves: Waist tall, narrow, and emerald green.  Not subject to spots or drying out.

How To Plant: Plant bulbs in the ground about 3 inches deep. Plant bulbs 5 or 6 inches apart.

Where To Plant: Mix into perennials such as early spring-flowering bulbs.  Excellent with ferns or to add texture to low groundcovers such as vinca or ivy.

Our Bulbs: We ship 1 mature rhizome crown per order. Each crown is about 6 inches across. 


Curcuma leaves in July.

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