Zephyr Lily Gift Package


A perfect little thank you gift.  We’ll send this on your behalf.  Our Gift Pack Includes:

  • Potted, ready to flower pink Zephyranthes ‘Star Spangled’ — it’s one of the best flowering, most cheerful rain lilies
  • Card with a handwritten note dictated by you
  • Instructions for planting and care

And a lot of hand-made farm charm!

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Wouldn't she love a serious pocket knife too?

Hook Bill Pocket Knife

A pocket knife does so much.
1. Best weeder. It gets down in the dirt to cut the root of a pesky plant quicker.
2. Best bark scraper. When worried about the health of a plant, just scrape bark to see if there's green underneath.
3. Most convenient cutting maker. You don't always have clippers when you want a clipping of something.
4. Best package, bag, and envelope opener.

AND a pocket knife gets you attention and makes you look like real, butch gardener!

This hooked blade knife isn't going to be an heirloom. It's not fine, hard steel. But it's useful because of that -- don't worry bout dulling it, it's cheap and so useful.

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