Crinum jagus ratrayii


Dramatic, wide leaves make this a great texture plant for the shade.

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Growing Conditions: This plant thrives in light shade and somewhat dry shade. It will also grow in heavy shade with rich, organic, moist soil.

Flowers: It rarely flowers in Zone 8, though its flowers are stunning and have a vanilla fragrance. Warmer climates might incite it to flower more often. The flower stalks grow to a height of four inches, though it rarely flowers.

Flowering Season:

Leaves: Definitely grow this crinum for its leaves. It’s a great foliage plant. Wide, rich-green, and muted leaves contrast well with other shade plants.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of eight to ten inches.

Where To Plant: This bulb makes plenty of pups, so it makes for a nice groundcover or clump. We once did a planting of it under the canopy of a low-branched star magnolia tree where it thrived even with root competition. It looks great with variegated carex or next to a pond.

Our Bulbs: Our bulbs are the size of tennis balls.

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