Crinum jagus ratrayii


Captivating vanilla fragrance that flows through the garden at night. Dramatic, wide leaves make this a great texture plant for the shade. Cold hardy in the ground and containers in Zone 8.

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Growing Conditions: This plant thrives in light shade. It will also grow in heavy shade but only with rich, organic, moist soil. In the sun, its leaves grow very compactly.

Flowers:  Flowers are stunning and have a vanilla fragrance.  The flower stalks grow to a height of 36 inches. Wide open petals pour perfume in the night garden but fade by afternoon. Lime green buds are stunning too.

Flowering Season: June through frost, but never tons of flowers at any one time

Leaves: Wide, rich-green, and upright leaves make a tropical-looking statement all summer long.  Beautiful to contrast well with other shade plants.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of eight to ten inches.

Where To Plant: This bulb makes plenty of pups.  We once did a planting of it under the canopy of a low-branched star magnolia tree where it thrived even with root competition. It looks great with variegated carex or next to a pond.

Our Bulbs: Our bulbs are the size of baseballs.

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