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Fun, freaky & elegant all at the same time? Easy to grow voodoo lily adds a tropical texture to shade or sun gardens.   These bulbs ship only in late MARCH only!

Scroll down for more information, photos, and videos of this product!   We ship 2 dry bulbs per order.

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Growing Conditions: Shade or part sun.

Flower: Voodoo Lily has fleshy, exotic pink flowers.  They smell like rotten meat and attract flies for just a day or two.  Some years, there are no flowers.

Leaves: Impressive, snake skin patterned stems emerge from the ground reaching 2 or 3 feet.  On top, a 2 foot wide, delicate but tough leaf stretches out like an umbrella.  This entire structure, stem and all, is actually the leaf.   Definitely a texture and a statement plant!

How to plant: The bulbs are brown, sort of warty and like to grow shallow.  Plant it about 3 inches deep in well-drained soil.

Where to plant: Plant in sun or shade among very low growing plants.  You want to see the form, the stem the structure of this plant.   It’s a great plant to put on a hillside, where you can look up into it from below.

Our Bulbs: We ship 2 mature tubers  (6-7 inches around). You can even propagate more yourself.  Just collect the ‘bulbs’ that form in the center of the leaf, as that dies back for fall and plant them.

Note; This species is grown in India from seed.  There may be some variation in the leaf shape and even the color of the ‘snake skin’.

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  1. Avatar

    Mike B (verified owner)

    Large bulbs in great condition were received. They pay attention to the packaging of their plants and you can tell as soon as you open the box. The bulbs were in plastic mesh sleeves and labeled. The box was filled with newsprint to keep everything in place. I planted them immediately and can’t wait to provide an update on how they do. They even sent a hand written note in the box. Nice personal touch.

    • Jenks Farmer

      Jenks Farmer

      Thanks and enjoy! Tom and Trish do all the packing and note writing. Jenks’ hands are always too dirty.

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