White Natal Lily (Crinum moorei alba)


It’s a forest dweller!  A crinum for shade.  Natal Lily also grows into really cold places — if you’re ever on a garden trip in England, you’ll see this crinum grown as a perennial in famous gardens like Great Dixter.

We grow the species in part shade, near a pecan tree. So it does actually get a few hours of sun. It likes that.  But lets say it tolerates more shade than other crinum. Either way, it likes a normal to moist spot— so not dry shade.

3-foot tall pure white flowers in June.  It has long elegant stalks and makes a great cut flower. The glossy leaves are unlike other crinum, the splay out sort of flat. TThat makes them a nice container plant.

These bulbs tend to be round and live shallow — which makes them easy to dig and share. It also means you should plant them just 6 or 8 inches deep.  They also go sort of dormant in late summer — well they just get puny looking so cut them back to the ground then.

We ship  one, 8-inch around bulb per order. 

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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