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Stone & Cob Floor in the Farm Studio-barn

Crinum Flower in Stone.

Crinum Flower in Stone.

Why make a stone using cob mixture as mortar? Part of our “barn/studio” walls are made from cob.   We liked the process of mixing.  We have fine, sticky red clay, lots of it, so we didn’t have to buy mortar mix.   We wanted a natural, low cost floor.   So instead of mortar or wood, we just scraped off to a serious hardpan, mixed up cob and our friend Jefferson Hubble laid stones in a cob mixture (sifted clay, sand, hay and a little lime).  As it dries, we know the natural mortar will crack.   Then, we’ll come back with a fine clay, adobe like paint and fill in the cracks and possibly saturate it all with linseed oil.

DSC02944 DSC02948 DSC02955

Max on guard.

Drying Time

Max on guard.  2.

Max on guard.


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