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Drizzly Memories

These gray days remind me of life and gardening in Seattle.  It took me a while to realize that people do stuff in drizzle, besides read the paper and take naps.  Mowing grass in the rain, raking in the rain, putting out bulbs and seed in the rain.   It’s a great time to garden….

This plant reminds of Seattle too.  I brought it, 15 years ago, and planted it in the front yard.  It’s one of the biggest of the Mahonias that I know.  It’s always in flower on Christmas.

Tomorrow, for our gardening fellas, we’re going on an all day kayak trip to Bull’s Island — in the rain.      More on that later.  But the goal, is to help these young South Carolinians understand what a stunning and special state we live it.  And why we need a State Parks system to protect the wild from development.

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