Go see it, Go love it. Preservation of Ancient Cypress.

Do you care what goes into the river and stream and storm gutter?  

Supple Jack

If you go see the life, the magic the fragile and towering things that live in along our water ways, you do.

Every little rivulet formed in in these rainy days has this kind of life beside it.

Happens to Everybody…Thanks Coastal Expeditions

There is branch if SCIENCE called dedrocrinology (history of trees) and they estimate some of the cypress are 1500 years old.

Kyle, standing up among huge cypress knees

Creek off Santee River

Maple Tree Growing out of Cypress

It takes everybody.  We spent money with a private expedition company, about 10 restaurants, hotels, hardware store, walmart, Itunes, gas stations, wholefoods, and even a local nursery on this trip.  All that private industry supported in the process of seeing and doing something that private industry cannot do — preserve wild places for their own priceless values.   Thanks to the U.S. Forest Service for protecting this 600,000 acres.   Adjacent to the largest stretch of undeveloped coast on the entire US east coastline.    One little 15 sec video….

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