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Cardamom (Alpinia unknow species)


Tropical looking leaves. Deer hate it!  Drought resistant, deep shade, amazing fragrance from all parts of plant. Excellent container plant!

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Tough perennial with 3 foot tall, wide tropical leaves. Multiplies well, thrives in dry shade or containers and the foliage and roots are incredibly fragrant.  Note that this is not true cardamomum (Elletaria cardamomum) though it has been grown as this in the US for decades.

Growing Conditions: Full to part shade. Dry to moist soil. Thrives in rich, heavy soil, even boggy soil. Cold hardy into zone 7.

Flowers: Insignificant in Zones 8 and cooler.

Leaves: Wide, smooth, lovely emerald green.  Not subject to spots or drying out or pest.

How To Plant: Plant in the ground about 8 inches deep.

Where To Plant: Mix into perennials such as ferns, ground cover  ginger or even .

Our Bulbs: We ship mature one gallon plants for $19.

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Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in


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