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Crinum ‘Appleblossom’


This is one of the tallest and most evocative of crinum lilies. Though it reaches over five feet in height, ‘Apple blossom’ has low, tidy leaves. This flower is incredibly fragrant with romantically curled petals!

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Growing Conditions: This crinum requires full sun to light shade in warmer climates.

Flowering Season: Flowering begins in mid July for Zone 8. Blooming is always later if it’s in a colder zone, and flowers will show up earlier in warmer climates.

Flowers: This plant has trumpet-shaped flowers of pastel colors. In the evening, they open wide releasing a cloying, baby-powder fragrance.   Flowers start to grow on stalks with a height of 42 inches. I love to pick these in the morning for a little fragrance and a long-lasting bouquet.

Leaves: This plant’s apple-green leaves make a low, very tidy mound. The flowers bloom above the leaves.

How To Plant: Plant to a depth of eight to ten inches. Make sure it’s not sitting in water or a wet-root zone.

Where To Plant: It’s so fragrant that it needs to be near a door, patio, or path that’s often used. It looks spectacular with Fireworks Gomphrena or lemon-yellow daylilies.

Our Bulbs: We ship large, ready-to-flower bulbs.

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