Crinum bulbispermum ‘Orange River Strain’


Beginning with white and pale pink flowers, the older flowers turn to a rich pastel burgundy. This seed strain offers lovely variations with big, bold open-faced flowers. It is rarely offered by nurseries.

These are big, dramatic plants with full heads of pastel flowers, which bloom in April and May. They’re collected from high elevations in Africa and are amazingly cold-hardy.

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Growing Conditions: It requires regular to wet soil and full sun to light shade.

Flowers: Colors range from pastel pink to soft burgundy highlights, with some pure white.

Flowering Season: It always blooms in mid-spring. (April in Zone 8)

Leaves: It has blue-green, re-curving leaves. It’s very sculptural and looks great for nine months. Growing to a height of 30 inches, this plant is a sprawler, so place away from walkways.

How To Plant: Plant to a depth of three to five inches. This bulb runs and will make a groundcover.

Where To Plant: They thrive in regular borders, in meadow-style planting, or even in ditches and places that occasionally flood.

Our Bulbs: We ship tennis-ball-sized bulbs; they are flowering size (but note that not all flower in the first year of planting).

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