Ellen Bosanquet

Ellen Bosanquet is a stalwart of Southern gardens. A must-have for an old-fashioned cottage garden, and it’s tough enough for parking lots landscapes. We’re proud that our bulbs have been planted in masses along interstates, city streets, and even in front of the art museum in Columbia, SC.

These flowers are a rich red, with hints of burgundy and pink. Flowers start blooming in June and continue sporadically through the summer. Sometimes – after a heavy fall rain – we’ll even get a few flowers in October or November. Glossy, Kelly-green leaves look lush in summer and last long after the start of colder temperatures.


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Growing Conditions: Optimum conditions for this crinum range from full sun to light shade, in hot climates. In cooler climates, it’s best to keep the plant in full sun.

Flowers: Deep, purplish-pink with a shade of red, Ellen is the standard, the best of all the “red” crinum flowers.  Multiple flowers are born on tall, sturdy stalks to 4 feet tall. Ellen has a slight by heady fragrance in the evening and mornings and makes a dramatic cut flower.

Flowering Season: Blooming begins in July for Zone 8. However, with late summer rains, ‘Ellen’ can have sporadic flowers into October. It will begin flowering later in cold zones and earlier in warm zones.

Leaves: These shiny, Kelly-green leaves look great from a distance. To keep them tidy in small spaces, you can cut them back in late July.

How To Plant: Plant this flower at a depth of six to nine inches. Make sure that it’s not sitting in water or a wet root zone. Think of this as you would a shrub — plant it where it’s going to be for the next ten years.

Where To Plant: ‘Ellen’ looks great with big grasses, especially with white variegated maiden’s grass. This is a fantastic plant for highways or other large-scale projects. She often flowers at the same time as pink crepe myrtles, making a dramatic combination visible from a distance.

Our Bulbs: We ship large, ready-to-flower bulbs, which are about the size of a baseball. Larger, older bulbs are also available. Please contact us for more information if you’re interested.

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