AKA white spider lily, these exotic white flowers bloom high above the leaves. Expect stunning and delicate flowers for the fourth of July. Individual flowers are great for cutting.  But I really love the upright, glossy leaves on this bulbs. We ship two golf ball-sized bulbs with living roots per order. 

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Growing Conditions:   Grows in full sun but also thrives in deep shade. Thrives in regular garden soil and hard, compacted soil. Very adaptable.

Flowers: Delicate white blooms named for the thin membrane stretching between the thin petals. The blooms add great texture to the garden and reach about4’ tall. Flowers around 4th of July.

Leaves: Foliage is much more compact than a Crinum and looks like a glossy Amaryllis leaf. Neat, elegant 3 foot tall clumps slowly get wider and wider, so be sure to give it a little space and divide it as time goes on.

How To Plant: Full sun, varied soil types. Plant about 4 inches deep.

Where To Plant: Plant in a dry baking compacted soil or in a ditch that floods. Great for ditches or ‘hell strips’ and compacted soil.


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